High Fiber Diet is a group of fiber artists committed to advancing their art professionally. HFD actively searches for exhibit venues, and members have the opportunity to submit work for juried group exhibitions. High Fiber Diet members challenge themselves to become more educated about art and design principles and to improve creatively on an individual basis. The group meets 7 times per year (February, April, May, July, August, October, and November) on the third Tuesday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. Venues may change. Meetings usually include a discussion topic, updates on current and upcoming exhibits, and sharing of members' current work. For more information about the group, check the HFD blog at www.hfd-highfiberdiet.blogspot.com or contact Laura Jaszkowski at joyincloth@gmail.com.

The group is affiliated with Columbia FiberArts Guild of Portland, Oregon

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And a few more at the Rogue Gallery

I was impressed with how lovely the gallery, the reception and all the staff at the Rogue Gallery were.

The food and wine were exceptionally nice, including a table with yummy chocolate truffles and beautiful strawberries. We had a nice-sized group from High Fiber Diet in attendance and I heard from at least two of the staff members how pleased they were that so many of us could come. Here is part of our group.

 A happy bunch, especially Chris Brown whose piece sold!

The lighting, the space and the way the show was hung really made it look great! Lots of compliments on our work.

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