High Fiber Diet is a group of fiber artists committed to advancing their art professionally. HFD actively searches for exhibit venues, and members have the opportunity to submit work for juried group exhibitions. High Fiber Diet members challenge themselves to become more educated about art and design principles and to improve creatively on an individual basis. The group meets 7 times per year (February, April, May, July, August, October, and November) on the third Tuesday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. Venues may change. Meetings usually include a discussion topic, updates on current and upcoming exhibits, and sharing of members' current work. For more information about the group, check the HFD blog at www.hfd-highfiberdiet.blogspot.com or contact Elizabeth Bamberger at elizabethbamberger@gmail.com.

The group is affiliated with Columbia FiberArts Guild of Portland, Oregon

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"Simply Red" in Coos Bay

Simply Red opened with a BANG in Coos Bay at the Pacific Park Gallery inside the Pacific Coast Medical Park.  The exhibit is available to view M-F 7:30 am -5pm at 1957 Thompson Rd. The work of 12 HFD artists is featured in the show that ends January 17th, 2014.

The reception on Nov 3 was attended by HFD members Shirley MacGregor, Jill Hoddick, Kimberly Connelly, Diane Born, and Elizabeth Bamberger - all accompanied by their husbands.  The Gallery put on a lovely event with  live period musicians, great food and wine. Our work was very well received by the attendees.  There was ample time to talk with the gallery board and guests.  There is also another fiber show upstairs in a smaller space.

The gallery is light and airy and has several prime spots of larger works above a fireplace and above a small planting garden. Sara Miller's piece looked fantastic above the fireplace in the large lobby area.  There were ample walls to display the show down a wide hallway as well. Shirley did a magnificent job of hanging the show to display all of the works to their advantage in terms of style particularly. Thank you Shirley and Red committee for all of your efforts to mount this exhibit.

The exhibit is certainly worth seeing if you will be traveling down the coast in the near future. It was about a 4.5 hr drive and once you get there Coos Bay has lots to offer in terms of coastal and river sights. About 20 miles from the city is the incredible Shore Acres Garden that has a huge holiday light display beginning at Thanksgiving.

Rhythm and Hues at Mt. Hood Community College

Rhythm & Hues:  A Collection of Works by High Fiber Diet is on display through November 21, 2013 at the Mount Hood Community College Visual Arts Gallery, 26000 Stark Street, Gresham, Oregon.  The show is open 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday, closed weekends and holidays.  The gallery number is 503.491.7309.

Reflections in a pond, a day at the beach, a walk in the woods – all the small moments make up a life.  Life is about emotion and color and heart.  High Fiber Diet artists use rhythm and hues, composition and color, to manifest their connection to the beat of everyday life. Humans are intimately connected to, swathed in, and surrounded by fiber from the day we are born until the day we die.  The works in Rhythm & Hues capture some of the days and moments in between.

Rhythm and hue are magical parts of life.  Rhythm involves the paradox of excitement created by movement contrasted with the comfort of predictability.  Hue, the most recognizable component of color, contributes visual definition, emotional content and pure beauty to human experience.  Rhythm and hue bring their magic to art as critical components of visual composition. 

The members of High Fiber Diet challenged themselves to observe the use of rhythm and hue in their lives and in their creative processes and to produce work inspired by this introspection.  The resulting exhibit reflects the infinite ways this theme can be understood and implemented.

Bucknam Piece Acquired for Museum Permanent Collection

Bonnie Bucknam's work Tangle has been purchased by the Tuch + Technik Textilmuseum in Neumuenster, Germany to be part of their permanent collection.  The Museum was the last stop on the Color Improvisations exhibit itinerary.  That exhibit has now been dismantled and the unsold quilts returned to the artists.  Tangle has found a new, permanent home abroad!
 Photo by Mark Frey

SAQA Journal Features Quilt by Bonnie Bucknam

A detail photo of Bonnie Bucknam's quilt Cavern is featured on the cover of the Spring 2013 SAQA Journal.  The quilt is also pictured in the "SAQA member gallery: Earth" on page 17.  Take a look!
Photos by Mark Frey

And a few more at the Rogue Gallery

I was impressed with how lovely the gallery, the reception and all the staff at the Rogue Gallery were.

The food and wine were exceptionally nice, including a table with yummy chocolate truffles and beautiful strawberries. We had a nice-sized group from High Fiber Diet in attendance and I heard from at least two of the staff members how pleased they were that so many of us could come. Here is part of our group.

 A happy bunch, especially Chris Brown whose piece sold!

The lighting, the space and the way the show was hung really made it look great! Lots of compliments on our work.

posted by Terry

More Photos from the Rogue Gallery Opening

Elizabeth Bamberger sent along more photos that she took of the exhibit at the Rogue Gallery. 

Elizabeth Bamberger

Maarja Paris

Laura Jaszkowki

Mary Goodson

Diane Born's outfit.

Here is a fun video tour of our exhibit which is on the Rogue Gallery website

Rogue Gallery Exhibit Opening.

What a beautiful show the exhibit at the Rogue Gallery is! Many thanks to Diane Born for pursuing this venue. Apparently, it was their first fiberart exhibit. They are very happy with it. Kudos to the committee for their hard work - Diane Born, Elizabeth Bamberger and Ila McCallum.

That is Chris Brown with her Strata quilt which sold last night at the exhibit. Woo hoo! Here is the red dot to prove it.

I took a few pictures, but got distracted. Hopefully, we will have more to post. There were several of us at the opening. Here is Terry with her quilts.

And me, (Gerrie) with my fire quilt.

Here are a couple of random shots that I took.

Thanks again to the committee for making this happen.