High Fiber Diet is a group of fiber artists committed to advancing their art professionally. HFD actively searches for exhibit venues, and members have the opportunity to submit work for juried group exhibitions. High Fiber Diet members challenge themselves to become more educated about art and design principles and to improve creatively on an individual basis. The group meets 7 times per year (February, April, May, July, August, October, and November) on the third Tuesday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. Venues may change. Meetings usually include a discussion topic, updates on current and upcoming exhibits, and sharing of members' current work. For more information about the group, check the HFD blog at www.hfd-highfiberdiet.blogspot.com or contact Elizabeth Bamberger at elizabethbamberger@gmail.com.

The group is affiliated with Columbia FiberArts Guild of Portland, Oregon

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No Shrinking Violets

Submissions Due: July 9, 2019

Contemporaneo – Exposicao Internacional de Arte Textil
Submissions Due: July 17, 2019

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Zeca Madeiros has invited High Fiber Diet members to submit entries for Patchwork Design 2020 CONTEMPORÂNEO- Exposição Internacional de Arte Têxtil.  Contemporaneo is a commercial fiber art expo that focuses on art quilts and contemporary fiber.  The event takes place over 3-day weekends in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and may expand in 2020 to include more venues in Brazil.  The expo includes several special exhibits, exhibits of Brazilian quilts, and many other fiber works and installations. Zeca puts on a beautiful exhibition.  Fiber art is exhibited in gallery-like settings, creating a stunning show.  See the Patchwork Design Facebook page for information on past shows, exhibitors, news releases, and more.

HFD members are invited to submit up to 5 art quilts or fiber pieces for the show.  Submissions will be forwarded to Zeca Madeiros, who will make the final selections for the exhibit.  The expectation is that about 5 - 15 pieces from HFD artists will be selected.  No more than 2 pieces will be accepted from any one artist without the artist’s consent.

Work from any year may be submitted.  There is no fee to submit. 3D work and fiber work other than quilts are encouraged. Quilts or other 2 dimensional fiber work must be 48” or less in one vertical or horizontal dimension (i.e., able to be rolled into a 48” or shorter roll). Framed artwork (no glass) or work that cannot be rolled should be submitted as 3D work. 3D work must fit in a shipping box with overall dimensions of 54” or less (examples: 18”w  x 18”l x 18”d =  54”, or 20”w  x 16”l  x 6”d = 42”). Accepted 3D work must be submitted in a sturdy shipping container with packing. Size and shipping logistics may be taken into account when selecting work.  The retail price of the work may also be taken into account during the selection process. 

If an artist is accepted, they will be expected to pay $55 per piece (not per artist) to cover cost of shipping from the US to Brazil.  Return shipping will be paid by Patchwork Design.  Accepted artists will also be required to submit a Liability Release when the work is turned in. That form is attached.  Accepted artists will be asked to supply a portrait/headshot and short biography.


Email submissions due: 11:59pm Wednesday July 17, 2019

Submissions forwarded to Patchwork Design: by July 20, 2019

Final Patchwork Design Jurying: by July 31, 2019

Notification of Acceptance: August 2, 2019

Accepted Artist Payment of $55 per piece acceptance fee: Prior to or at August 20, 2019 HFD meeting

Accepted artwork collected: August 20, 2019 at the HFD meeting (work will not be accepted without payment and completed liability form), or arrange to deliver your artwork to Bonnie Bucknam prior to August 20, 2019

Quilts shipped to US collection point: August, 2019

Courier transports quilts to Brazil: August, 2019

Headshots and short bio emailed by: September 15, 2019

Exhibits in Brazil: March – June, 2020

Quilts returned to US: Estimated August, 2020

Quilts returned to HFD exhibitors: Pickup times and locations will be established in August, 2020

How to enter:

Email photos and information to Bonnie Bucknam, bonniebucknam@gmail.com, by July 17, 2019.  Each entry should be in a separate email.  The subject line should include your name, “HFD Brazil 2020,” and the entry number, for example:

Bucknam – HFD Brazil 2019 – Entry #1

Include the following information in the body of the email.  Do not copy a Word document into the email.  Word formatting carries over and causes havoc in the data base.

1.       Your name

2.       Your city and state

3.       Title of work

4.       Dimensions: width by height by depth (if applicable) in inches

5.       Materials and techniques

6.       NFS or Suggested Retail Price

7.       Amount you want as proceeds should the quilt sell (commission and exchange will be added to this amount by Patchwork Design) (Note: We suggest you request 50% of what you believe is the retail value of the work. The amount you list here is the amount you will receive if the quilt sells.)

8.       An artist statement of 100 words or less that pertains to the particular work submitted.

9.       Photographer’s name

Attach two photos of the work to the email, an overall view and a detail.  A third photo may be submitted for 3D work. Use the standard High Fiber Diet file-naming convention: lastname, first initial, underscore, title of work, underscore, full or detail.  For example:



Photos may be used for publication in Brazil.  Hence, your photos must be in .jpg format and the highest resolution you have available, up to 4000 pixels on the longest side.  300 dpi is preferred.  If the photos are too large to be attached to one email, you may send photos in separate emails.

Notification: Accepted artists will be notified by email about August 2, 2018.  Also, a list of accepted artists will be circulated via the HFD Google Docs and posted on the HFD blog.

Labels: The quilt must be labeled on the back near the bottom left corner of the quilt (when looking at the back of the quilt).  Include your name, title of the quilt, year the quilt was made, and contact information.  You may include other information (address, size, materials, techniques, statement, etc.) according to your preference. Three-D or other fiber artwork must be similarly labeled in an appropriate spot. Remember, this will be the only identification on the quilt during its travels, so make the information clear and complete.

Packaging for submission of artwork:  All pieces other than 3D will be rolled in groups of 5-10 and shipped together, thus no individual packaging need be supplied. Three-D works should be submitted with their own packaging.

Hanging sleeves and devices: Work must be ready to hang with either a continuous or split sleeve.  No hanging rods or sticks are necessary.  If a piece requires special hanging hardware, it should be supplied.

Submitting Artwork: Quilts must be turned in at the HFD meeting on August 20, 2019. The submission fee of $55 per piece must be paid before the August meeting or accompany the work when it is turned in.  Also, submit the Liability Release form when you turn in your piece. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact  Bonnie Bucknam for information on how to ship your piece to Bonnie to arrive by August 18, 2019. Work will not be accepted without the acceptance fee of $55 per piece and the liability release form.  You may pay by check made out to High Fiber Diet.

Submitting Headshot and Biography:  Accepted artists will be asked for a portrait photo and a short (1/2 page or less) biography.  Those must be emailed to Bonnie Bucknam bonniebucknam@gmail.com by September 15, 2019. Biography may be a Word document.

Commissions and Sales:  You are encouraged to offer your quilt for sale.  The amount entered in the email #7 should be the amount you wish to receive should the quilt sell (i.e. about 50% of what you believe to be the retail value of the quilt). 

Please Note: Patchwork Design and Zeca Madeiros reserve the right to select more or fewer than the expected 5 - 15 HFD entries, to request or negotiate more than 2 entries from particular artists, or to invite artists other than those submitting work here to participate in the exhibit. Zeca Madeiros will make the final decisions as to pieces selected for the exhibit.

Questions? Contact Bonnie Bucknam, bonniebucknam@gmail.com

This is a wonderful opportunity to get some international exposure in a beautiful setting.  We are looking forward to your submissions.

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